Special Glass – Separator for Pyro Ceramic- / Lead Crystal- / and CRT-Glass

 Variosort X HS Varisort X HS

  • Ejection of heat resistant glass / pyro ceramic
  • Ejection of lead crystal / lead glass
  • Separation of special glass
    (e.g. CRT-Glass Recycling)
  • X-Ray Camera for comparison of differences in material density / material composition
  • High-Speed magnetic valves for precise ejection

Application of VARISORT X-HS:

The VARISORT X HS Separator is used in the glass recycling industry. This separator is able to separate heat resistant glass (pyro ceramic) from normal container- or flat glass. It is used for applications where highest throughput capacities and lowest heat resistant glass content in the end product is required.
In addition to heat resistant glass the VARISORT X HS is also able to detect and sort out lead crystal and lead glass and thus to reduce the residual lead content in the final glass cullet.
A special field of application for the VARISORT X HS is CRT glass recycling where it is used for the separation of front and rear glass.
The VARISORT X HS consists of an electromagnetic vibrator chute, a belt conveyor, a X-Ray Camera, an evaluation electronic and an air ejection unit.
The X-Ray intensity meets legal requirements (Germany, RöV 2009).

A typical application of the VARISORT X HS is the separation of:

  • Heat resistant glass e.g. Ceran, Robax, a.s.o.
  • Lead glass / lead crystal
  • Special glass
  • Special impurities


  • The cullet must be divided into different fractions
  • Most metals removed
  • Coarse waste rejected
  • Light weight impurities like aluminum foil a.s.o. should be rejected
  • Vibration free installation + in-house mounting
  • Feeding by means of an electromagnetic driven vibrator chute (speed > 0,3m/s)
  • Cullet should be evenly distributed over the working width of the separator
  • Compressed air must be free of dust, water and oil
  • National directives regarding radiation protection must be considered

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Variosort X

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