Organic Separator




  • Ejection of light-weight material (organic / plastics)
  • Separation by air stream
  • Optimized material infeed area
  • Adjustable air stream
  • Different working width’s available

Application of ORSE:

The Organic Separator ORSE is used in the glass recycling industry. This separator is able to separate light-weight contaminations e.g. plastic caps, paper etc. from crushed cullet(broken glass). It is used for pre-sorting and purifies the infeed material for glass separation.

Three different types of ORSE are available

The ORSE Organic Separator type C can convey whole bottles and separate lighter-weight contaminants from the material flow.

A typical application of the ORSE is the separation of:

  • Light weight contaminates found in the glass stream.
    • plastic caps
    • paper
    • foil
  • Glass cullet


  • High efficient Organic Separator
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimum of glass loss
  • Low wear

Please give us some details of your application – It would be our pleasure to help you

If you click on the picture you can see the ORSE C in action.

ORSE small


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