MAG 4400

All Metal Separator


MAG 4400

MAG 4400

  • Separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, incl. stainless steel
  • Working width 512mm – 2048mm
  • RF – multi segment metal detection coil
  • High-Speed magnetic valves for precise ejection

Application of MAG 4400:

The all metal separator MAG 4400 automatically removes any ferrous & non-ferrous metals out of cullet. The MAG is used for applications where highest throughput capacities and lowest metal impurities in the end product are required. The MAG 4400 consists of a multi segment metal detection coil, an evaluation electronic and an air ejection unit.

A typical application of the MAG 4400 is the ejection of:

  • Aluminum foils, aluminum caps, aluminum rings and segments of rings
  • Lead and other non ferrous metals like copper, brass, stainless steel,…
  • Ferrous metals
  • Wired glass
  • Fine pieces of metal
  • Metals sticking in glass
  • Metals enclosed in rubber or cullet


  • Coarse ferrous metals should be separated by magnets
  • Coarse waste should be sorted out manually
  • Light weight impurities, such as paper, aluminum foil, a.s.o. should be separated
  • Vibration free installation + in-house mounting
  • Feeding by means of an electromagnetic driven vibrator chute (speed > 0,3m/s)
  • Cullet should be evenly distributed over the working width of the separator
  • Compressed air must be free of dust, water and oil


Please give us some details of your application – It would be our pleasure to help you


MAG 4400


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