Spektrum HR

Color Separator / CSP – Separator


Spektrum HR

Spektrum HR

  • Ejection of off-colors / color separation
  • Ejection of CSP (Ceramic, Stones, Porcelain)
  • Working width 1024mm / 1280 mm
  • 2-way or 3-way system
  • Optical sorting
  • High-Speed CCD-Camera system
  • High-Speed magnetic valves for precise ejection

Application of SPEKTRUM HR:

The true color separator Spektrum is an optical separator, which removes off-colors and / or CSP (Ceramic, Stones, Porcelain) out of glass cullet. It is used for applications where highest throughput capacities and lowest off-color- / CSP content in the end product is required. The Spektrum consists of a light source, a high speed CCD-line-camera, an evaluation electronic and an air ejection unit.

Typical applications of the Spektrum separators are the ejection of:

  • Amber glass from a mixed stream
  • Flint glass from a mixed stream
  • Green glass from a mixed stream
  • Mixed glass can be separated into flint, green and amber cullet (several stages are required)
  • CSP (Ceramic, Stones, Porcelain) and other non transparent impurities out of glass cullet


  • The cullet has to be divided into different fractions
  • Metal mainly rejected
  • Coarse waste rejected
  • Light weight impurities like aluminum foil a.s.o. should be rejected
  • Vibration free installation + in-house mounting
  • Feeding by means of an electromagnetic driven vibrator chute (speed > 0,3m/s)
  • Cullet should be evenly distributed over the working width of the separator
  • Compressed air must be free of dust, water and oil


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