for Glass Recyling Plants

KRS Vacuum Drying System

  • Energy efficient drying system.
  • Integrated de-labelling and de-dusting
  • Integrated dust and paper separation.
  • Minimal glass breakage.
  • Energy consumption = 40% of Rotary and Fluid Bed Dryers.
  • Models of 15 and 30 TPH.

Application of KRS Vacuum Drying System:

The KRS Vacuum Drying System is designed for drying glass cullet. The system combines de-labelling, de-dusting, paper separation and drying. It is built for applications that require dry clean cullet to reach the highest efficiencies in the separation process. The design also reduces energy costs to a minimum.

The Vacuum Drying System consists of a surge hopper, a de-labelling conveying system, a dryer with gas burner, a cyclone for dust and paper removal from exhaust air, a suction fan, ductwork with silencer, a water filter to clean the exhaust air, a conveyor with an integrated cullet cleaning system for removing residual dust from the dried cullet and a PLC-Unit with sensors and software for full automatic control. By utilizing a water filter in place of a bag house for dust removal, the threat of fire is eliminated.

Features of the drying system:

  • Energy efficient drying of glass cullet
  • Integrated dust and organic separation
  • Soft cullet treatment
  • Robust design


  • Preparation of wet material for the whole process
  • Improve ejection degree / less glass loss
  • Improve fine glass CSP separation capabilities

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