MALAG 5200

Multi Function Separator: Metal + CSP – Separator


MALAG 5200

MALAG 5200

  • Ejection of CSP (Ceramic, Stones, Porcelain)
  • Ejection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, incl. stainless steel
  • Working width 512mm – 2048mm
  • Combination of LAG and MAG

Application of MALAG 5200:

The CSP-Separator MALAG 5200 is a combination of a LAG and a MAG separator. It removes any non transparent impurities like Ceramic, Stones, Porcelain (=CSP) and metals (ferrous and non ferrous) out of cullet. The MALAG is used for applications where highest throughput capacities and lowest CSP and metal contents in the end product are required. The MALAG 5200 consists of a multi laser camera, a multi segment metal detection coil, an evaluation electronic and an air ejection unit.

A typical application of the MALAG 5200 is the ejection of:

  • Ceramic
  • Stones
  • Porcelain
  • Other non transparent impurities
  • Ferrous and non ferrous metals


  • The cullet must be divided into different fractions
  • Coarse ferrous metals should be separated by magnets
  • Coarse waste rejected
  • Light weight impurities like aluminum foil a.s.o. should be rejected
  • Vibration free installation + in-house mounting
  • Feeding by means of an electromagnetic driven vibrator chute (speed > 0,3m/s)
  • Cullet should be evenly distributed over the working width of the separator
  • Compressed air must be free of dust, water and oil

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MALAG 5200


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